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Sunday, 26 October 2014
An appeal to the European Union not to extend the GSP plus tariff PDF Print E-mail
Ms Heidi Hautala
President, Sub-commission on Human Rights
European Union.
Dear Ms Hautala
Re: An appeal to the European Union not to extend the GSP plus tariff arrangement to Sri Lanka
The Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA) an umbrella organization of the peak Tamil
associations in 7 States and Territories in Australia and 2 peak Tamil organizations in the two main New
Zealand cities, Wellington and Auckland, would like to bring to your attention, the continuing
deterioration of the humanitarian and human rights situation of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.
43 People Rescued on High Seas in Australia says Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor PDF Print E-mail
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has today coordinated the search and rescue of 43
people onboard a distressed vessel approximately 250 nautical miles north of Cocos-Keeling Islands.
At AMSA’s request, Border Protection Command deployed a vessel to provide safety of life at sea
support to the distressed vessel. Oceanic Viking, under Border Protection Command's control, arrived
and boarded the vessel at approximately 6 pm (AEST) providing support to 43 people who have indicated
they wish to come to Australia. There appear to be no significant health issues identified at this stage.
The Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor, said today’s rescue highlights the risks and dangers
associated with such ventures.
Sri Lankan Government Must Reverse Anti-Media Actions PDF Print E-mail
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins press freedom defenders in Sri Lanka in calling on President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Government of Sri Lanka to put an immediate end to the climate of impunity that has allowed a long campaign of intimidation and violence against independent journalism in Sri Lanka. The IFJ stands in solidarity with the movement of press freedom organisations and Sri Lankan civil society in demanding that the Government allow space for free public debate, for plurality of opinions and open discussion in Sri Lanka. These conditions are essential for Sri Lanka’s return to peace and democracy.
SVT Festivals & Darshan of Lord Balaji at Baukham Hills on Friday 6pm PDF Print E-mail
This Friday, 2nd Oct. 5.45pm-8.30pm Darshan of SVT Lord Balaji at Baukham Hills! Devotional Evening by Hills Shire Community at The Crestwood Community Centre, Crestwood Drive, Baulkham Hills! Celebrating the Festive Season with Children, showcasing their talents & devotion!
ACMA finds two breaches ( Balance and Accuracy ) of SBS code in 3EA Tamil Language Program PDF Print E-mail
The Australian Communications and Media Authority has found that the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) breached the SBS Codes of Practice 2006 in broadcasts of the SBS radio program Tamil Language Program on 26 October 2008 and 18 January 2009. Both programs dealt with aspects of the conflict between the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The broadcast on 26 October 2008 included an interview with a critic of the Sri Lankan Government. The ACMA found that the requirement for balance in the SBS code was breached, as the interview included themes on which no other view was provided.
UNHCR concerned about safety of displaced persons in Sri Lanka PDF Print E-mail
The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is deeply concerned about reports of security incidents taking place inside camps accommodating internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Sri Lanka.The most recent incident took place on Saturday, September 26th in the Menik Farm camp, in the district of Vavuniya, when security forces reportedly attempted to stop a group of IDPs from moving between two zones of the camp. This angered the IDPs who subsequently attacked the sentries.
Mandela came out a hero and there is no reason why Tissa should not PDF Print E-mail
By Janaka Abeywickrema
Both made it to the 20s. One was jailed for 27 years at Robben Island in South Africa and the other for 20 at Welikada in Sri Lanka. Nelson Mandela and J.S. Tissainayagam it could be argued were both jailed on similar grounds in similar circumstances – where regimes wary of the work they were involved in resorted to the easy way of silencing them by locking them up. Jayaprakash Tissainayagam many would say is no Nelson Mandela and they would most probably be right.
Tamil Computer Engineer Kathiravel Thayapararaja extra-judicially executed in Colombo PDF Print E-mail
thaya_20090924.jpgKathiravel Thayapararaja, a 28-year old Tamil Computer Engineer have been extra-judically executed by Sri Lanka intelligent services, after being forcefully abducted sometime second week of September, informed sources in Colombo said. Thayapararaja's wife, Uthayakala, and the two children of her diseased sister who were under Uthayakala's care, have now been taken under the protection and care of a Church Organization in Colombo, after being left helpless with the disappearance of her husband, reports said.
U.S. Faces Doubts About Leadership on Human Rights example Sri Lanka - Washington Post PDF Print E-mail
By Colum Lynch, Washington Post Staff Writer
UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 21 -- From the beginning, the Obama administration has unabashedly embraced the United Nations, pursuing a diplomatic strategy that reflects a belief that the world's sole superpower can no longer afford to go it alone. But, as the U.N. General Assembly gets underway this week, human rights activists and political analysts say the new approach has undercut U.S. leadership on human rights issues.
World leaders should demand end to Sri Lanka detention camps - Human Rights Watch PDF Print E-mail
World leaders in New York for the United Nations General Assembly and the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh should call on the Sri Lankan government to immediately release more than 260,000 displaced persons illegally confined in detention camps, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch said it was concerned about a lack of protection mechanisms in the camps and the secret, incommunicado detention - and possible enforced disappearance - of suspected combatants. Poor conditions, overcrowding, and inadequate medical care increases the risk of serious health problems during the coming monsoon season. Human Rights Watch also said that the authorities are not being open and honest with camp residents about when they may go home, keeping them in a state of uncertainty and anxiety.
Human Rights abuses in Sri Lanka – In UN Kevin Rudd Says He's Watching PDF Print E-mail
ruddpenny.jpgCourtesy : Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press
UNITED NATIONS, September 22 -- With the internment camps in northern Sri Lanka still full, Inner City Press on Tuesday asked Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd what his country will do, including since Australian UNICEF staff member James Elder was ordered expelled from the country for speaking of the detainees' plight. Rudd, after answering about climate change and the UN's use of peacekeepers from militarily-ruled Fiji, said Australia is "monitoring human rights" in Sri Lanka and will take the "necessary action with respect to any individual."
Geethavani Awards 2009 by Jaffna Hindu College OBA, Sydney PDF Print E-mail

jaffna_hindu_geethavani_awards_2009.jpgGeethavani Awards 2009 organized by the Jaffna Hindu College OBA, Sydney on 19 Sept., 2009 at Bankstown Auditorium in Sydney, Australia attracted over 900 Tamil music lovers from the multi community in Sydney including old boys of Jaffna Hindu College. The spectacular show - an evening of exciting music competition, had an array of pop, cine songs and wonderful fusion music. The colourful evening entertainment, the most awaited event of the music lovers in Sydney gave the opportunity for many talented singers to exhibit their talent to larger audience. The talented vocalist, some staging their performance for the first time mesmerized the audience with their voice.




Sri Lankan video investigations not independent: UN envoy Philip Alston PDF Print E-mail
Recent shocking British television footage, allegedly showing government soldiers killing unarmed, bound and naked prisoners, has prompted calls for a probe into possible war crimes. The Sri Lankan government says the video is fake and has released the results of what it calls four independent investigations. But not everyone is convinced.
Sri Lanka continues to hoodwink the international community - Says AFTA PDF Print E-mail
The Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations (AFTA), the umbrella body of the peak Tamil Associations in Australia and New Zealand would like to inform the international community including the Australian and New Zealand Governments and the international media some facts about the plight of the Internally Displaced People (IDP) who are interned in camps in the Northern town of Vavuniya.


Mr. Rogers, if you invest in Sri Lanka, you will share the anger for Sri Lankan behavior PDF Print E-mail
By TamilSydney
Jim Rogers, a world-known investor and co-founder (with George Soros) of the Quantum Fund, recently visited Sri Lanka and saw "great, cheap opportunities in Sri Lanka because of dramatic changes in the country after the end of the war." Tamils for Obama, however, sent him a letter warning that as evidence of Sri Lankan behavior during and since the civil war becomes widely known he will find that he has new partners he will wish he never met.
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