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Saturday, 25 October 2014
Bomb blast in Sri Lanka targets Navy vehicles, 99 killed, 150 wounded PDF Print E-mail
A Canter vehicle with explosives blasted in an open space where more than 24 Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) vehicles and buses with more than 340 SLN troopers were parked, killing 99, around 1:40 p.m. Monday. At least 150 sailors were wounded in the attack, according to Sri Lanka military sources in Colombo. The attack took place near Digampatana junction in Habarana, a predominantly Sinhala area, 80 km southwest of Trincomalee. About 87 bodies are lying in Dambulla hospital.

69 sailors were killed on the spot. 13 succumbed to their wounds while being rushed to Dambulla hospital. 8 civilians, including drivers, were also killed in the explosion.

13 vehicles were damaged in the blast. 6 buses were completely destroyed and 7 other buses were badly damaged.

87 dead bodies were kept at Dambulla hospital, medical sources said. SLN troopers with serious injuries were airlifted to Colombo.

Injured navy personnel have been admitted to various hospitals including Kandy, Anuradhapura, Kurunegala and Colombo in critical condition.

The attack took place when more than 20 navy vehicles transporting naval troopers, from both directions to and from Trincomalee, were parked for lunch break.

The SLN troopers, on both directions, used to park their vehicles at the open space at Digampatana upto an hour for lunch.

Habarana, located 16 km west of Minneriya, where a Sri Lanka Army base is situated, is also a tourist site among the ancient city ruins and wildlife jungles in North Central Province.

Military installations "legitimate targets" when Colombo bombs locations far off FDLs, says LTTE

LTTE's Military Spokesman, Irasiah Ilanthirayan, ruling out the possibility of "suicide mission" as the mode of attack on Sri Lanka Navy in Habarana Monday, declined to reject Tigers regarding the military targets outside the Forward Defence Line (FDL) localities as legitimate targets if and when Sri Lankan military continued to engage in aerial bombardment and artillery shelling far beyond the defence line localities into LTTE territory.

Military Spokesperson of the Tigers, Mr. Irasaiah Ilanthirayan (Marshall)
Tigers were yet to claim responsibility for the attack in Habarana. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir bombers flew over Vanni and attacked Puthukudiyiruppu town in Mullaithivu Monday between 5:15 and 5:40 p.m.

"There are civilian casualties in aerial bombing on Puthukudiyiruppu," Mr. Ilanthirayan said.

When asked whether LTTE claimed responsibility for the attack in Habarana, the Tiger military spokesman said he had contacted the regional command of the LTTE for the verification of the Habarana attack.

"When Sri Lanka Air Force bombers continue to bomb targets in Tamil homeland, far off the defence line localities where the Sri Lankan ground troops engage in frontal assaults, how could anybody expect the Tigers to refrain from targeting military installations," asked Mr. Ilanthirayan when asked to comment on the LTTE perception of the the military targets outside NorthEast.

SLAF bombers on Friday dropped 48 bombs in Muttayankattu village in the heart of Vanni, far away from FDL positons in the north.

"There are a number of records to cite as attacks by Sri Lankan forces into LTTE territory far off defence localities," he said.

"Recently a pregnant woman in Mahiladythivu in Batticaloa lost her baby due to shell attack inside a civilian settlement."


Sencholai air-strike killed 55, details released

Director of Education for Kilinochchi district, T Kurukularaja, and Director of Education for Mullaitivu district, P Ariyaradnam, have informed their respective Government Agents the details of the 55 victims killed in the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombing on Sencholai campus in Vallipunam Monday.

On Thursday, Mullaithivu Principals Association and Kandavalai Principals Association, the organisors of the ten-day program, condemned the aerial bombardment that killed 55 schoolchildren and staffers.

"The residential course progressed to its fourth day, when on 14 August at 7:00 a.m the students were getting ready for the day's program when four Sri Lankan government Kfir jets started showering the area with bombs," the organisors said in a joint press release.

The final tally of those killed in the Vallipunam school camp aerial bombing (55 killed of which 51 are students and four are staff)

Names of students killed and the school they were attending from Mullaitivu district compiled by the Director of Education for Mullaitivu district, P Ariyaradnam, and sent to the Government Agent for Mullaitivu:


  1. School: Puthukkudiyiruppu Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Thambirasa Lakiya DOB: 26-03-89, Mullivaikal west
    2. Mahalingam Vensidiyoola DOB: 07-10-89, Mullivaikal west
    3. Thuraisingam Sutharsini DOB: 28-07-89, Ward 10, PKT


  2. School: Visuvamadu Mahavidhyalayam
    1. Nagalingam Theepa DOB: 29-03-87, Puthadi, Visuvamadu
    2. Thambirasa Theepa DOB: 07-02-87, Valluvarpuram, Redbarna
    3. Thirunavukkarasu Niranjini DOB: 29-11-88, Puthadi, Visuvamadu
    4. Raveenthirarasa Ramya DOB: 14-11-88, Thoddiyadi, V. madu
    5. Kanapathipillai Nanthini DOB: 05-10-88, Koddiyadi, Visuvamadu
    6. Vijayabavan Sinthuja DOB: 24-05-88, Koddiyadi, Visuvamadu
    7. Naguleswaran Nishanthini DOB: 11-04-89, Thoddiyadi, V.madu
    8. Tharmakulasingam Kemala DOB: 09-09-87, Kannakinagar,
    9. Arulampalam Yasothini DBO: 18-01-88, Puththadi, Visuvamadu


  3. School: Udayarkaddu Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Muthaih Indra DOB: 08-08-88, Suthanthirapuram centre
    2. Murugaiah Arulselvi DOB: 14-07-88, Suthanthirapuram centre
    3. Sivamoorthy Karthikayini DOB: 13-02-88, Vallipunam
    4. Santhanam Sathyakala DOB: 20-08-86, Vallipunam
    5. Kanagalingam Nirupa DOB: 11-02-89, Visuvamadu
    6. Kanagalingam Nirusa DOB: 11-02-89, Vallipunam
    7. Navaratnam Santhakumari DOB: 28-05-88, Kaiveli
    8. Nagalingam Kokila DOB: 12-02-87, Vallipunam
    9. Sivamayajeyam Kokila DOB: Kuravil
    10. Shanmugarasa Paventhini DOB:
    11. Balakrishnan Mathani DOB: 09-05-88, Vallipunam


  4. School: Mullaitivu Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Sivanantham Thivya DOB: 30-05-88, Vannankulam
    2. Thambirasa Suganthini DOB: 18-02-88, Alampil,
    3. S Vathsalamary DOB: 20-11-86, Manatkudiyiruppu
    4. Thanabalasingam Bakeerathy DOB: 03-02-87, Mullivaikal west
    5. Thanikasalam Thanusa DOB: 02-12-87, Kallappadu
    6. Pathmanathan Kalaipriya DOB: 23-09-88, Kovilkudiyiruppu
    7. Markupillai Kelansuthayini DOB: 14-07-88, Vannankulam
    8. Rasamohan Hamsana DOB: 29-05-87, Alampil


  5. School: Kumulamunai Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Vivekanantham Thadchayini DOB: 31-01-88, W 10, PTK
    2. Santhakumar Sukirtha DOB: 08-08-87, Ward 7, Kumulamunai
    3. Uthayakumaran Kousika DOB: 22-08-87, Kumulamunai
    4. Nallapillai Ninthija DOB: 03-03-88, Ward 6, Kumulamunai
    5. Veerasingam Rajitha DOB: 28-02-88, Ward 5, Kumulamunai


  6. School: Vidhyananda College, Mulliyavalai


    1. Thamilvasan Nivethika DOB: 02-12-88, Ward 2, Mulliyavalai
    2. Suntharam Anoja DOB: 12-09-89, Kumulamunai
    3. Puvanasekaram Puvaneswari DOB: 06-06-89, W 4, Mulliyavalai
    4. Kiritharan Thayani DOB: 28-12-89, Thannerutru, Mulliyavalai


  7. School: Chemmalai Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Mahalingam Vasantharani DOB: 23-03-88, Alampil, Chemmalai
    2. Thuraisingam Thisani DOB: 06-12-88, Alampil, Chemmalai
    3. Vairavamoorthy Kirithika DOB: 12-07-87, Alampil, Chemmalai
    4. Chandramohan Nivethika DOB: 04-01-89, Alampil, Chemmalai


  8. School: Oddusuddan Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Sellam Nirojini DOB: Koolamurippu, Oddusuddan

    Names of students killed and the school they were attending from Kilinochchi district compiled by the Director of Education for Kilinochchi district, T Kurukularaja, and sent to the Government Agent for Kilinochchi.


  9. School: Muruhananda Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Tharmarasa Brintha DOB: 06-01-89, 189/1 Visuvamadu
    2. Thevarasa Sharmini DOB: 09-03-89, 90, Periyakulam, Kandavalai


  10. School: Tharmapuram Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Varatharaja Mangaleswari DOB: 24-07-89, 577, 13 U, T.puram
    2. Rasenthiraselvam Mahilvathani DOB: 04-12-88, Tharmapuram
    3. Nilayinar Nivakini DOB: 04-04-89, Kaddakkadu, Tharmapuram


  11. School: Piramanthanaru Mahavidhyalayam


    1. Kubenthiraselvam Lihitha DOB: 05-02-87, Kalaveddithidal, Puliyampokanai


  12. Names of staff killed


    1. Chandrasekaran Vijayakumari (Age 27)
    2. Kandasamy Kumarasamy (Age 48)
    3. Solomon Singarasa (Age 65)
    4. S Jeyarubi (Age 20)

Source : TamilNet

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