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Thursday, 23 October 2014
Minister cannot shirk her responsibility over St Clair PDF Print E-mail
The Minister for Local Government Relations, Gail Gago, has shirked her statutory responsibilities by refusing to consider whether the St Clair land swap at Woodville is a good deal for the local community, according to Greens MLC and planning lawyer, Mark Parnell. In response to a question from Mr Parnell in Parliament yesterday, the Minister stated that it was her "statutory responsibility not to make judgment of the merits of the project". "However the Local Government Act says no such thing," said Mr Parnell.


"What it does say is that the Minister must be sent a report on all the public consultation submissions.  Clearly she is expected to read them before she makes a final decision. If the land swap is a bad deal for the local community, the Minister has the power to step in and stop it.

"For the Minister to wash her hands of the St Clair land swap without considering the merits of the proposal is a slap in the face for local residents who are desperate to save one of the best parks in the Western suburbs.

"The Minister should immediately contact the Charles Sturt Council and revoke the approval she has given before the Council makes a final decision on Monday night."If she won't do so voluntarily, then residents may have no option other than to take the matter to Court," he said.

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