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Thursday, 30 October 2014
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Purattasi Sani at SVT Helensburgh
Dear Friends and Devotees of SVT..Season''s Greetings!
Spring has sprung! Next few weeks are indeed special festival season in Hindu Calendar, from Purattasi Sani, Navarathri, Durga Pooja  to Deepavali, so join us at SVT, Helensburgh! 

Purattasi Sani for next 4 Saturdays!

We''re in the month of Purattasi, with next four Saturdays (Sani) from 20th Sept to 11th Oct are special for 2 reasons:

1. This is an auspicious month for Lord Vishnu, so our temple conducts special poojas for Lord Venkateshwara on Saturdays from 10.30am-12 noon. Special Abishekams, Alankarams and Deeparadhana will glorify Lord Balaji to bring special blessings to you & your family.  As per Temple tradition, the Sarees adorned by Deities will be auctioned to devotees on the 3rd Saturday, 4th Oct after the Poojas at the Temple! Do not miss!

2. Purattasi Sani is also special for worship of Navagrahas, as these planetary deities play a significant role in our lives. Our temple performs special Navagraha homams from 7.30am-10.30am on next 4 Saturdays, followed by Abhishekam & archanas.

Sun:Governs confidence,authority and status; Moon:Presiding deity of mind and emotions ; Kuja or Mangala or Angaraka: Governs courage and bravery and presides over health and siblings. Budha: Mercury .Presides over intelligence and capacities of teaching;  Guru: Presiding deity of religious inclination and prosperity and married life of women;  Sukra: Venus presides over comforts,arts,culture,asthetics and love;  Sani: Presiding deity of longivity,calamities and difficulties apart from spiritual wisdom; Rahu & Kethu Presiding deities of worldly desires and moksha (freedom).

To seek relief from any negative aspect of grahas and enhance general welfare, we worship Vanagraha with lighting of a diya (chatti) with black sesame seeds wrapped in black cloth to burn in sesame seed oil. These are available at the temple counter.

And much more, with many festival celebrations in the community. Great weekends ahead to make the most of Spring & the Hindu Festival Season! Enjoy!

May Lord Balaji''s Kripa be with you, always.

SVT Committee.

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