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Saturday, 25 October 2014
Sri Lankan State continues to terrorise Tamils - Tamil Youth Organisation,Australia PDF Print E-mail

refugee_1.jpgTamil Youth Organisation of Australia wishes to highlight the continuing targeting of Tamil civilians in military operations by the Sri Lankan State. Family and friends of our members have been informed of several incidents where Tamil civilian targets have been attacked by shelling. On Friday 8 August, the Sri Lankan Government Forces targeted Mullaitivu District Hospital. The shelling killed an 18-month infant and injured 16 others.

In May 2008, the United Nations voted out Sri Lanka from the Human Rights Council, sending a strong message to the President of Sri Lanka who, in January 2008, had withdrawn from a Norwegian brokered cease-fire agreement and entered into a military path 'to obtain peace'.


Sri Lanka was ranked below Zimbabwe in the Global Peace Index this year. Between 2006 and 2007, over 1500 people were reported missing, with the victims being "primarily young ethnic Tamil men who 'disappeared' in the country's embattled north and east, but also in the capital Colombo." [Human Rights Watch, 05/05/08] "In the face of this crisis, the Sri Lankan government has failed to investigate seriously and prosecute those responsible. It has publicly labelled senior UN officials as 'LTTE supporters' and 'terrorists' because they highlighted 'disappearances' or other rights violations. To date not a single member of the security forces has been held to account for a 'disappearance' over the past two years." [Human Rights Watch, 05/05/08]

However, despite these signs of condemnation, the Sri Lankan State continues to target civilians in their war against the Tamil people. Tamil Youth Organisation of Australia feels much stronger pressure needs to be placed on the Government of Sri Lanka, which continues its human rights atrocities with impunity, to cease a military approach and explore a political solution to permanent peace in the island.

We appeal to you to assist with this.






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